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Will the Western Balkans ever join the EU?

Twenty years ago, after the wars in ex-Yugoslavia, the European Union said that the future of the western Balkan countries would be within the European Union. They would, as soon as possible, join the EU. Today, however, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and the others, still don't belong to the EU. Why is that? Willen de huidige EU-landen dan geen verenigd Europa? Of willen deze landen het zelf niet meer? Vjosa Musliu is politicoloog aan de VUB en legt (in het Engels!) uit wat het probleem is.

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prof. dr. Vjosa Musliu

Professor Vjosa Musliu is an assistant professor of international relations at the VUB. Her research interests include international and European interventions, conflicts and international political economy. Her area of focus is primarily the Balkans and post-Soviet space. Vjosa grew up in Kosova in the nineties. As a 12-year-old, she helped NATO-soldiers by translating for them. Having experienced the wars that tore ex-Yugoslavia apart, naturally led her to the study of international relations.

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