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Can music help physical rehabilitation?

It's interesting how people react to music. Not only after a couple of drinks at a wedding, but also when we sit, walk or run. Rehabilitation scientist Lousin Moumdjian (UHasselt and UGent) is looking into the potential of music and rhythm in the rehabilitation process of a diverse group of patients and is eager to tell you about her findings.

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dr. Lousin Moumdjian

Lousin Mouldjian is a rehabilitation scientist at the Hasselt and Ghent University, but she used to have another dream profession. Ultimately she chose not to be a cardiac surgeon because she wanted to have the time to explore the world and not only the surgery room. Lousin is a real globetrotter who loves meeting new people and cultures and has already had quite a journey herself. As a daughter of Armenian parents she grew up in Kuwait, studied in Prague and lives currently in Belgium. She has an enormous passion for sports, music and dance - elements which come together in her study of how music can improve physical rehabilitation.

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