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Can you take CO2 out of the atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide is a natural gas, but when there's too much of it, it can cause a lot of trouble. Imagine that we could take it out of the air and undo the many years of CO2 emissions. Chemical engineer prof. dr. Enis Leblebici (KU Leuven) tells whether this is science fiction or a real perspective.

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prof. dr. Enis Leblebici

When he was young, Enis Leblebici wanted to become Metallica singer James Hetfield, but as he matured his dreams went in a different direction. Nowadays, he dreams of having an impacton on our carbon reduction challenge and as a chemical engineer, he's certainly contributing to that dream. Other possible career options as a philosopher or a librarian were never an option because Enis thinks he's not literate enough for the former and he would be reading too much instead of working for the latter. Luckily for us and our planet, Enis found his place in chemical engineering.

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